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Sorry that upsets you.There is a crew of Youtubers that have continuously over exaggerated issues and outright misrepresented facts. That is also being called out. Some Youtubers are even responding with more reasonable videos so obviously they saw something to it to.The most confusing aspect to me is the insistence of people that clearly […]

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Canada Goose Jackets All in all, the new look is nothing more than a much needed upgrade that allows Google to resolve one of its main problems, that of visual disparity. There are so many different Google services now, but it is only recently that the search giant has taken the step of providing […]

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We were starting a 6 month trip through Southeast Asia and Thailand seemed like the easiest place in the region to begin. Beginner level SEA I guess you could say. Also I not on vacation, just working on the road, so the high speed internet practically everywhere was a factor too. Although the game is […]

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Sissi’s White House visit comes in the middle of new efforts to further consolidate his power. Similar amendments have historically sparked popular outrage and instability in the country. The proposed amendments will expand presidential consecutive term limits, allowing Sissi to remain in power until 2034. Mother made a lot of mistakes but she ALWAYS told […]