MAYBE if he would’ve told me a long time ago about it

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Tape. Go to the thrift store and get a tape player and do your fucking pushups so you can be the true alpha that you were born to be. Then repeat after me “poors are poor because they failed”. On average, I would say to expect the process to take between a week to 6 weeks to just be able to trust them to be alone together without fighting. Anywhere from 6 weeks replica hermes tie to over a year to expect them to be peaceful 90% of the time. You may also have to accept that they may never truly like one another.

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And considering that they aren’t your friends, and considering what you have said about this person in particular, I think it is entirely reasonable to feel this way. If I were you I would offer to pay the difference so she can have her own room. This way you get the peace of mind, and she doesn’t have to worry about the extra cost.

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