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Probably not, depending on what you want from a story. The early stuff is dated but was fun at the time. Then the quality does the bell curve thing. “I said, ‘dancing, rooftops, street, whatever.’ And we couldn’t find too much stuff confirming what I said. And all of suddenly someone comes up with an […]

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cheap hermes belt Shoes are a good example: Where neutral shoe colors have always been considered a safe and reliable fashion choice, playing it too safe today could end up branding you as a fashion frump. Within bounds, a walk on the wild side will modernize your look and pair perfectly with sequins. Suede, velvet, […]

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2) medical bills are the number 1 cause of bankruptcy in America. Just because your insurance is accepted at the ER doesn’t mean it is accepted for inpatient. The hospital will come after you if insurance doesn’t pay. You need to go pretty deep to get any statistically significant measurable aero benefit over the best […]