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Some time ago I heard on the news concerning this new service in Europe called ‘It’s a Better Place’. Their tag line is the ‘the global provider of electric vehicle networks’. During the time we were being drawn into Iraq and the Middle East. Our trade deficit was soaring as was our national debt. The idea that a single solution might address so many things at once, enable america to be more self sufficient within our energy use, to be more self-reliant, to rely less on expensive military, and a solution that does all these things is kinder to the environment too? It seemed too good to be true.

I joined their news release and get updates about their progress. They do make progress, they actually do have a presence in many nations. Their solution or their primary services are… service stations. Just like we pull into Cracker Barrel, ‘a Better Place’ is within the procedure for creating and implementing the technology that would let us perform the same goes with electric cars, pull right into a service station and ‘fill er up’.

The reason why this a huge deal? Every day we learn about advances in electric cars, greater travel capability, greater charge time. We already have ‘hybrids’ that sport an electric powered and gas powered engine to address this very issue; the limitation of traveling with a restricted charge. So, here is the big issue. When someone begins to deploy Cracker Barrel Employee accessible to most drivers, just like we drive down the road and find out gasoline stations every block, the limiting issue traveling only where your charge will bring you, (and safely return), is going to be overcome.

It’s fun to observe time and culture especially to be in a threshold you might not be aware of. For baby boomers who celebrated the century of travel freedom using the internal combustible engine, it is sometimes complicated to imagine a silent car which produces no emissions. It clearly will be science fiction except, it is actually happening right now.

When we stored 100 megabytes on our pc’s we thought we could map the universe; now we store ten times that amount on the thumb drive on our key chain. So what exactly is stand out in the week? I actually have followed ‘its a Better Place’ and observed their steady progress but have hardly heard anything in the United States.

Vanderbilt University will offer you Is Cracker Barrel Open Today to some extent of its parking area:

“Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has announced it will participate in a pilot rollout which will install a lot more than 15,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by June 2011 as part of The EV Project, the largest deployment of EV charging infrastructure throughout history. The rollout will take place in 16 cities and metropolitan areas in six states, as well as Washington, D.C.”

Cracker Barrel is adding charging stations to numerous of it’s restaurants:

“Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc. has launched a pilot project in which it will install Blink electric vehicle chargers, offered by ECOtality Inc., at 24 restaurants across Tennessee.” It’s hard to imagine using a road idksax or just needing to speak to a friend or work colleage and not using a mobile phone but the revolution is hardly a decade old. The next occasion you pump your full tank of gas, enjoy that dizzy feeling when you inhale just a bit; it may be considered a faint memory sooner than we know. Inspire, think globally, act locally.

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